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Tony Fraction's Pizza Game Instructions



tony fraction instructions
Tony Fraction's Pzza Shop

Grade Level: Fourth and Up

Skills: Equivalent Fractions, Practical use of Fractions

Object: Make as many pizzas as possible in five minutes based on customer orders.

Tony Fraction’s Pizza Shop is one of the most popular games on MrNussbaum.com and one of the most popular fraction games on the internet. Students play the role of a pizza shop owner who must fulfill the peculiar topping orders of his customers. Different pizza slices determine the denominator of the fraction, which keeps the game dynamic, unpredictable, and exciting. For example, a “customer” might order a large pizza ½ pepperoni, 2/5 extra cheese, and 1/10 bacon. The student would first choose “large” from the pizza size menu. A large pizza has ten slices, so the user would put pepperoni on five, extra cheese of four, and bacon on one. After each pizza is made, a new customer makes a different order. If the order is made incorrectly, the user will lose money.

This is a fantastic game for students who learn visually. It is easily used on a Smartboard and will engage students for long periods of time.

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